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The Fisher Monk (ver 2.0)

A guide for the fisher who wants to:

Identify the mayfly species the trout are eating.
Select artificial flies to match the hatching naturals.
Test his knowledge of fly fishing lore.
Obtain high quality custom-tyed flies.
Find links to related sites.

Identification Key
Scientific key to identify mayflies from their morphology.
Match the Hatch under construction
An integrated package for identifying mayflies and the patterns to match them.
Hook Finder
Find the hook to suit your fly.
Fly Patterns
Artificial flies: pictures, recipes, references and related information.
Step-by-Step Tying
Tying Instructions (with photos) for select patterns.
Flyfishing Trivia Quiz
Test your knowledge of the fish, flies, gear, history and characters of flyfishing.
last modified 2/1/17


Fly Fishing

The Flyfishing Resource Guide Forums, equipment, fishing reports, fly patterns, and more.
Best of Western Fly Fishing Many fly patterns with photos.
Fly Fisherman- the virtual flyshop. Hatch guide, quiz, flytying instructions, patterns, and more.
Grays of Kilsyth Knots (with illustrated directions), flies for sale, and links. Lots of useful links.
Choosing Trout Flies A Simple Guide to Choosing Trout Flies


Flyfishing Entomology An aquatic entomology primer.
Updated Taxonomy for Selective Trout Updated nomenclature for mayflies featured in Selective Trout by Swisher and Richards. Photos of mayflies, artificial flies and more.
Mayfly Central The most recent classification of the species of Ephemeroptera.
The Wonderful World of Insects Everything you wanted to know about insects.
Bioinformatics project at FAMU This excellent science site includes information on mayflies, caddisflies, stoneflies and midges.
Freshwater Invertebrate Zoology Nymph photographs (mayflies, stoneflies, caddisflies).
Aquatic Insects Drawings of mayfly nymphs.
GAIA: Ephemeroptera
Chebucto, Halifax Ephemeroptera page
Ephemeroptera Galactica.